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Friendship Club Review

Friendship Club is an app designed by Force Of Habit. Friendship Club was first published on . Friendship Club is accessible for Steam, Other.

Imaginary friends battle for supremacy in the mind of young Timmy Bibble! Play as Chud - a beast from the mountains; Old Man Ricketts - a prospector driven mad by his lust for gold; Shakey Jake - a ninja, bandit, skeleton... thing; and The Canardinal - a duck from the Vatican!

Friendship Club is a bullet-hell party-game for PC, Mac & Linux. Pit yourself against your friends (and enemies) in brutal combat with finely-tuned controls, customisable game mechanics and procedurally generated levels in which bullets bounce forever!

Please Note: since this is a twin stick shooter, a Microsoft Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® (or equivalent) is strongly recommended.

  • LOCAL MULTI-PLAYER MADNESS - Friendship Club supports up to 8-players locally. Not only that, but you can have any possible configuration of team members, ranging from all-against-all to 2v2, 3v2, 2v4v1v1... whatever you fancy!
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE GAME MODES - Choose from a selection of tried and tested game modes, or create your own with the advanced modifiers! Do you want a strategic battle using the level layout to your advantage, or a fast and furious rampage? Friendship Club is designed as a sandbox for the discerning local-multiplayer fan.
  • PROCEDURAL LEVEL GENERATION - With procedurally generated levels and unique content rules for each world, you'll never play the same arena twice!
  • ADJUSTABLE GAME SPEEDS - Battle in super slow-mo, hyper-speed and everything in-between! Become a bullet-time master or a champion of twitch-gameplay.
  • A WORLD MADE FROM GIBS - Nearly everything in Friendship Club is destructible. Charge through tables, chairs, TVs, or surprise a friend by smashing through a wall - just like you've always wanted to!

  • NEW WORLDS - We've got a host of new worlds waiting to be made, each featuring their own new gameplay-warping elements.
  • NEW CHARACTERS - We'll be adding to the current retinue of eccentric imaginary friends with some equally twisted new creations from little Timmy's mind.
  • NEW MODIFIERS / NEW MODES - We're going to gradually add new modifiers and new modes, opening up even more gameplay possibilities. We want to cover game types like Deathmatch and Capture The Flag, but with a Timmy Bibble twist!
  • MORE GIBBABLE EVERYTHING - Just about every new level object we add will be gibbable. Of course.
  • SINGLE PLAYER - We're focussed on trying to make the best local-multiplayer game we possibly can at the moment, but in time we want to expand Friendship Club with a single player mode.
  • DESIGNED LEVELS - Some of the new worlds we're planning on might work best with pre-designed levels (or partly pre-designed), meaning that we'll offer symetical maps for perfectly balanced matches...
  • LEVEL EDITOR - …and of course, there'd be no point making a level editor just for us to use...
  • STEAM WORKSHOP INTEGRATION - …and there'd be no point in you making awesome new levels and modes if you can't share them!

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Friendship Club

4.2 / 5

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Author: Force Of Habit
Size: 128 MB available space

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